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Diamond Toolholder

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Desmond Burke, the Diamond Toolholder is a tangential lathe toolholder capable of performing five basic lathe functions. It is a revolutionary tangential lathe toolholder. Makes metal turning a breeze. Using just one HSS toolbit, you can do roughing and finishing cuts, end facing, shoulder facing, and threading.

The package includes: Diamond Toolholder, tool blank, grinding jig, and Allen wrench, and instructions. We also include a DVD and two very important and helpful articles about the Diamond Toolholder published in The Home Shop Machinist. Now, left-hand cutting Diamond Toolholders are also available for three different models.

"The Diamond Toolholder gave an impressive performance on my 9" South Bend lathe. Even an inexperienced operator should have no difficulty cutting at depths of .125" in mild steel..." --Rudy Kouhoupt (Product Review, The Home Shop Machinist July/August '93)

The Diamond Tool Holder is available in now seven sizes, from 8mm - 20mm tool height. With another size in the design works.

The original design for the tool meant the shank had to be angled at  12 degrees so it could slide and surface at the same setting. This design is a compromise to make the tool easier to use when screwcutting, so the shank doesn't get in the way as much when cutting a thread close to the chuck. See the images below for more detail.
The 8mm, 9.5mm, and 12mm tools have been redesigned so that the tool tip can face and surface when the shank is at 90 degrees to the mandrel. This makes the tool much more convenient to set up when used in a quick change or 4-way tool post. The 8mm, 9.5mm,  12mm and 20mm tools are also available in a left-hand version for cutting toward the tailstock and left-hand shoulders. The left-hand tool also gets around the problem of the shank getting in the way of the chuck when cutting threads.

alt alt alt

  To select the correct size tool holder for your lathe, take a measurement from the base of the tool post where the holder will sit, to the center height line of the lathe.

This measurement is the lowest setting that the toolbit can go down to, but the tool tip can be moved up or down for fine adjustment to get the point on center. Of course you can always put a piece of packing under the holder to bring it up higher for a bigger lathe.

If you are using an adjustable toolpost, set it close to its lowest point before measuring.

Once you have decided which tool holder is best for your lathe, use the online shop to purchase.



A size to suit your lathe:

R8mm     3" long, 1/2" wide x 7/16" tall shank, 1/4" sq. toolbit   7-9" swing  e.g. Myford 7”, Sheldon 8

L8      For left-hand cutting toward tailstock -- same info as R8

R9.5mm  3" long, 1/2" wide x 1/2" tall shank, 1/4" sq. toolbit  9-12" swing  e.g. South Bend 9” QC toolpost
L9.5  For left-hand cutting -- same info as R9.5

R12mm    3" long, 1/2" wide x .590" tall shank,   1/4" sq. toolbit  7-9" swing for the Asian mini-lathes with big toolposts.

L12    3" long, 1/2" wide x .590" tall shank,  1/4" sq. toolbit 7-9" -- same info as R12

R16mm   3-1/2" long, 5/8" wide x .672" tall shank   5/16" sq. toolbit   12-19" swing  e.g. Grizzly 12” to 19”

L16mm a left-hand tool -- same info as R16mm

NOTE: the model number (6, 8 9.5, 12, 16 and 20) expresses the distance (milimeters) from the base of your toolpost where your tool will sit up to the lathe center. 

There are two videos to watch to introduce you to the Diamond Toolholder:

and the latest, which demonstrates the Diamond Toolholder with Crobalt high strength tool bit compared to the HSS tool bits -- pretty remarkable:


I am sure you have heard this before but the tool holder worked for me exactly as advertised. I am happy with the purchase. As it turned out I had a 5" aluminum bronze bushing to make on the day it arrived, and the crobalt tool cut the bronze with no difficulty, and with a good finish with no chatter at 400 rpm. -- ALLEN HUBBELL

I want to let you know how impressed I am with the Diamond Toolholder system. I have used carbide for years because I never could sharpen a tool bit correctly and, while I was running short production jobs out of my garage, I needed to be able to do close, consistent repetition on my work.  This system has totally changed the way I do my work and those insert tools are now collecting dust at an alarming rate.  (I won't go into all the positives because I know you are well aware of them.)  My oldest boy lives in Washington and is just about to take delivery of a brand new 12X36 lathe to replace his old Atlas 6 incher.  Time for dad to get him an early birthday present and move him into the 21st century.  I ordered him a tool today and I know he will be thrilled with it's performance.  Thanks so much for providing such a great tool to both the hobby and the industry.  While on the subject of the hobby, it was the Home Shop Machinist as well as Live Steam that got me, as well as my son, started.  What a great thing it is to see a new generation put down the video controller and pick up a micrometer. -- JOHN DOYLE



R8mm Diamond Toolholder Kit

The L8 Diamond Toolholder
L8mm Diamond Toolholder

Right and Left-hand Diamond Toolholders
R-L8mm Diamond Toolholder COMBO

Diamond Toolholder
R-L FoR 8mm Triple COMBO - SAVE $68

R9.5mm Diamond Toolholder Kit

Diamond Toolholder L9.5 without  the grinding jig.
L9.5mm Diamond Toolholder

The R-L 25mm Combo
R-L9.5mm Diamond Toolholder COMBO

The "FoR" Parting Tool
R-L FoR 9.5mm Triple COMBO - SAVE $73

R12mm Diamond Toolholder Kit

L12mm Diamond Toolholder

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